Financial Discipline: Who Has More of It - Men or Women

I work with both men and women in my credit score improvement company, and I have found that , sorry ladies, men exhibit a greater level of discipline and follow my instructions to the letter.

And I have to ask myself, why that is. Is it because they make more than us in the workplace and are able to have more money left at the end of purchases? Is it because they don't shop as much as women do, or is it that they are just simply better at making financial decisions better than their female counterparts? I am curious and I am actually dying to know. What do you think it is; honest opinions only!!!!!!

My greatest success stories are actually coming from my male clients. I think it is because the guys actually take me a lot more serious than my female clients. I really hate to say it, but the results thus far are speaking for themselves. But nonetheless, I know my Sisters will get it together in 2020!!!! We are a strong group and we are always striving to better ourselves, our situations, our outcomes, and now more than ever our credit scores!!!!

750 credit scores here we come!!!!!!!

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